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Driving In Winter Weather: What You Need To Know

Winter weather is in full swing, and the chance of auto accidents are much higher this time of year. Winter weather, including freezing rain and snow, can create very dangerous driving conditions that can affect even the most experienced driver. The following are some things to keep in mind when driving in winter precipitation so that you avoid an accident and injury:

Types of Accidents that Occur in Winter Weather

An accident can happen as a result of any winter precipitation. There are any number of accidents that can occur, from skidding off the road to a major collision.

Not paying attention to the roadway while you are driving can cause an accident in the best weather conditions, but is especially dangerous in the winter. There are so many hidden dangers that are hard to notice if you are not paying attention while you are driving. Black ice patches or frozen bridges are very hazardous and can easily cause your car to lose traction and skid off the road or into another car.

Speeding is also a factor in winter weather accidents. Wet and frozen weather is even more dangerous when you are driving too fast. When you hydroplane on water or ice, you will have no control over the direction of your car and can easily hurt yourself or someone else.

Not watching out for other drivers is also problematic. You must drive proactively in winter weather while also being careful yourself. If a person driving in front of you suddenly brakes for whatever reason, you have to be ready to move out of the way to avoid a crash. This is even While you are being careful, not everyone is. You have to watch out for others no matter how careful a driver you are.

Negligence and Winter Car Crashes

If someone else is not driving carefully and cause you to be in an accident, they are going to be considered negligent. The first thing to do, after ensuring everyone is not injured, is to determine fault. The negligent party will be found at fault and will ultimately be responsible for all damages related to the accident.

Proof will be necessary to determine negligence. Witness statements are the best sorts of proof when it comes to getting paid by an insurance company. Your statement will also count as proof. You will need to explain how the other driver was negligent while driving in dangerous weather. To learn more, contact a car accident attorney near you.