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Memories: Achieving Personal Injury Success With A Journal

Traumatic events, like a car wreck, can really mess with your mind. The stress and shock of the accident can just naturally make you forget, or at least wish to forget, all about the wreck. When it comes to getting personal injury compensation from the at-fault driver, however, your recall of events on that day and the days following could hold key information to your claim. Read on to learn more about taking action after your accident to preserve those memories for later use in your case.

Memory Problems

It's interesting the way your brain can protect you from bad things by pushing them away, and there are few events worse than a serious car accident. Dealing with the after-effects of something like this may require you to seek mental health therapy, since it is not uncommon to suffer from a number of negative effects. You might be dealing with stress, depression, anxiety, moodiness, and even post traumatic stress disorder. It should be noted that you can get compensated for these mental problems associated with your wreck, and they actually fall into the medical expense category and may be covered or reimbursed.

Why do I need to remember?

No matter how many witnesses or passengers were there the day of your wreck, you can provide a unique viewpoint. Additionally, your personal discomfort and pain from the injuries are relegated to a money damages category all its own, called pain and suffering. While you certainly do need time to heal and recover, taking action against the other driver as quickly as possible is important. The sooner you get started on your claim, the faster you will get your life back to normal again.


As soon as you feel up to it, begin keeping a journal. Journaling can not only help you deal with the trauma of the wreck, but it will also act as an ongoing tracking system of your recovery and your memories of the accident. You can use anything from a spiral notebook to a special-made journal, but begin right away and try to remember as much as you can about the events of the day it happened, and right before it happened. Be patient with yourself; memories do not always come back to you in logical order.

Medical Treatments

Be sure to note down things like doctor's appointments, diagnostic tests, medications, surgeries, and more. Try to also keep up with the cost of these things, even if you are not having to worry about that because of insurance. The dollar amount of your medical treatments are important; it will be used to form a key factor in the calculation of your pain and suffering.

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