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Semi Trucks, Roundabouts, Accidents, And You: Why You May Not Be Able To Sue

Getting into an accident with a semi truck and trailer is a common thing. Suing for compensation because you were severely hurt in the accident and your car is a mess is an equally common thing. However, what is uncommon is the fact that accidents with these trucks in a roundabout rarely end with you being compensated. Here is why, as well as a few exceptions to this rule.

The Inability to Turn in a Circle

Clearly, a semi truck is not equipped or designed to turn in a circle. Each slight turn of the wheel by the driver results in the truck going the right direction, but the trailer behind is not quite headed in the same direction or at the same angle. The driver is forced to turn wide, and across more than one lane of traffic in a roundabout.

Special Rules for Semi Trucks and Roundabouts

Other drivers in passenger vehicles are actually expected to give the right of way to these big trucks, as well as yield to them when they are making their way through the roundabout. If you did not yield to the truck that hit you, or obey these special rules regarding semi trucks and roundabouts, you may not be able to sue. Technically, you would be in the wrong, and the accident would be considered (mostly) your fault.

The Exceptions to the Rules

Like most traffic laws, there are exceptions. If you were already in the roundabout when the semi pulled in  from the opposite side, caught up to your vehicle, and hit you, you can sue. If the semi was in an inside land close to the center of the roundabout and you were in an outside lane closer to an exit and the semi abruptly turned right and cut across your lane of traffic to exit without signaling, then that is another exception where you can sue. If the semi driver lost all control of the truck as it jackknifed off an ice patch in the roundabout, and the truck slid into and slammed into you, then you can sue.

Not Sure If Your Case Is Worth the Lawsuit?

If you are not sure if your accident in a roundabout with a semi-truck is worth the lawsuit, check with a personal injury attorney. He or she will have to see the accident report from the police, as well as pictures of your vehicle. A forensic drawing of the accident will also help, if the police on the scene created one.