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3 Details to Record on the Police Report After a Car Accident

It can happen to anyone: going about your day then another vehicle strikes your vehicle out of nowhere and leaves you with damages and injuries. If this happens to you, definitely call the authorities and wait for the police to arrive. When they do get there, one of the first things that will happen is they will document the scene by filling out an auto accident report. This report will eventually become a critical piece of evidence if you have to file an auto accident claim later on, so it is important that the right details are on the report.

The officer will then ask you certain questions, and they may ask you to give your account of what happens. During this interview, it is important that you provide certain details about what happened. 

The Weather Conditions Outside

Weather conditions can have a lot to do with auto accidents. For instance, if it was raining a car pulled out in front of you, you would likely have less time to react because of low visibility. Make sure if there were factors associated with the weather that influenced how the accident occurred or your visibility, that you let the officer know when they are jotting down the details about the incident. 

Notes About Witnesses at the Scene 

If you were traveling with a passenger or there were witnesses at the scene of the accident, it is best if they are mentioned in the police report for later recollection if necessary. Witnesses can give a reliable account of what happened if something about your claim needs to be proven by someone other than you. Officers do not always take note of witnesses when they fill out a report, but if you are given the chance to document the accident yourself or provide information, make sure to mention the witnesses that you know were present. 

The Day of the Week 

The date and time will be recorded by the officer for sure, but it is also helpful if you make mention of the day of the week when giving your account of what happened. Traffic conditions can be very different depending on what day of the week it is. For instance, there may be more traffic on a highway on a Saturday afternoon than what there would be midday on a Wednesday. If you have to file a personal injury claim later, the information about the day of the week will be obviously stated on the report to give insight into your case. 

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