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Important Pieces of Evidence That a Commercial Truck's Black Box Can Contain

If you have been involved in an accident with a commercial truck such as a big rig, it is important to speak to commercial vehicle wreck attorneys as quickly as possible. There is a lot of evidence that they may try to gather early on in the investigation that may disappear or be significantly harder to obtain if it is not collected right away. An attorney will work to subpoena information from the black box that many commercial trucks are required to have on-board. Here are a few key pieces of evidence that a commercial truck's black box can contain. 

How Fast the Truck Driver Was Going When the Accident Occurred

One of the pieces of information that a commercial truck's black box contains is speed information. The black box can tell your attorney which direction the driver was headed, and what speed they were traveling at. This information can then be used to show that a driver may have been speeding or driving too fast for the current road conditions. 

The Length of Time the Driver Had Been Driving

Another key piece of information that a black box can contain is the length of time that the driver had been driving. Drivers are only allowed to drive for so long before they must take a break. They also can only travel for so many hours or so many miles per day, depending on state laws. If they exceeded this, they may be at-fault for the accident. 

When the Driver Hit the Brakes

A black box is able to show when a driver hit their brakes. If a driver was asleep at the wheel or distracted, they may have never hit their brakes. This is important information for establishing fault. 

Daily Inspection and Maintenance Logs

Finally, the black box often logs information about daily inspections and maintenance logs for the vehicle. This is important, as in some cases, mechanical failure may have been the cause of the accident. Being able to show that the vehicle was properly or improperly maintenance may determine whether you can file suit against the parts manufacturer or the company responsible for maintaining the truck. 

The black box on a commercial truck can provide insurance companies, police officers, and commercial vehicle wreck attorneys with a wealth of information. Unfortunately, your attorney or insurance company may not get their hands on this information if it is not requested in a timely manner. Speaking with a commercial vehicle wreck attorney allows them to get their hands on information, such as the black box, to help show the other driver was at fault for the accident and why.