Getting The Help You Need

Want To Settle Your Accident Case? Follow These Easy Steps

Most accident victims want to be paid for their losses and move on. That is exactly what happens in a surprising number of cases. Settlements allow victims to get the compensation they deserve in a quick and easy manner. You too can attain this sort of result if you follow the simple and easy steps outlined below.

Be Ready to Make Decisions

Being hurt by a careless driver can take a lot out of you, so be sure you are ready to make important legal decisions before you sign anything or take any actions. You might want to make sure you are home from the hospital and stable before you phone a personal injury lawyer. Never discuss the accident with anyone else but a lawyer, however.

Get Your Legal Action Started

After meeting with a personal injury lawyer, you can take time to fully heal from your injuries. The lawyer will verify the facts of your case, make a few phone calls, gather your medical records, and make some calculations as to what your case is worth. This is done by comparing your case to other cases in the area that are similar and by adding up your damages. Particular attention is paid to the total dollar amount of your medical treatment costs.

Open the Negotiations

Your lawyer will probably make contact with the other driver's insurer by sending them a letter. The demand letter is a common legal tactic that informs the other side of your damages and asks for a settlement of a certain sum. To give some credence to the letter, a summary of the evidence might be mentioned. For example, listed might be your injuries, a mention of eye-witnesses to the accident, and more.

Back and Forth

It's common for your lawyer and the lawyers for the other side to engage in a bit of back-and-forth phone negotiations. A minimum amount of compensation is usually held in mind as the lawyers negotiate. Both sides are motivated to keep things out of court so settlements almost always occur sooner or later.

Signing the Settlement

If you are finally offered a sum you feel would cover your damages, you will need to sign an accident release. This release means you cannot come forward later and file suit against the other driver. That also means you should be satisfied with the settlement or don't sign it. You can always sue them in court if you don't accept the settlement.

Learn more about accident settlements by speaking with a personal injury lawyer.