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Filing For Social Security Disability Benefits? Here's Why You Need An Attorney

Unfortunate situations such as severe health conditions or accidents may result in a disability. Developing a disability is enough grounds for you to claim social security benefits. Pursuing social security disability claims is a complex and lengthy process that frustrates many people making some give up. If your want to file such a claim, you should seek the services of a social security disability attorney. 

Who is a social security disability lawyer? 

This is a lawyer who specializes in helping people to file disability claims. They understand the rights of persons with disability and the legal processes to follow in filing disability claims under social security systems. Additionally, they represent their clients in disability hearings. A social security disability attorney is an intermediary between you and social security services.

Functions of a social security disability lawyer

In the course of following up your disability claims, a social security disability lawyer offers the following legal services:

1. Preparing the claim

An attorney helps you draft the initial claim presented to the social security services. They wrote the necessary information and consolidated all the relevant documents needed to make a strong case. Having a lawyer draft a claim saves you from delays that may result from failing to prepare the proper documents or missing out on crucial information. That also increases your claim's chances of success.

2. Filling an appeal

Most social security disability claims have appeals because people get awarded insufficient benefits or do not reflect the nature of their disabilities. An attorney can assist you in filing a successful appeal by pointing out areas in which the social security services erred and help calculate the actual monetary value you deserve. Additionally, appeals have strict deadlines making it the attorney's responsibility to file them on time. With the services of an attorney, social security services cannot bar you from appealing because of time limits.

3. Represent you in court

Disability claims result in court cases where the claimant and social security services fail to agree even after appeal. Additionally, the social security services may put to doubt your disability hence the need for a court hearing to verify the same. It is the responsibility of the social security disability lawyer to represent in court. With their knowledge and training, they will make opening and closing arguments on your behalf, present evidence, and question witnesses. These are essential sessions in court hearings and are critical to the success of your claim.