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Can You Be Compensated For Pet Injuries In A Car Accident?

Americans love their pets. So if yours is injured with you in a car accident, you're undoubtedly concerned with getting them the right treatment too. But is a pet covered by insurance? And what options do you have to be compensated for veterinary bills if necessary? Here's what every pet owner needs to know. Are Pets Covered By Insurance? Medical costs for pets in acc

What To Consider When Selecting An Injury Lawyer

Are you in the process of looking for a personal injury lawyer to help you receive compensation from an accident? If so, picking the right lawyer can be key to success with your personal injury case. Here are a few qualities to look for when selecting a personal injury lawyer. Expertise In Your Injury Area Know that all personal injury lawyers may not be qualified to

Information Your Car Accident Attorney May Want

If you have been hurt in an auto accident and it was the fault of another driver, you might be ready to take legal action. Before you go to a consultation with a car accident attorney, you will want to prepare yourself. This means jotting down some key points so you do not forget to mention them during your meeting with the attorney. Also, you want to be prepared by k

Discuss These Issues With Your Lawyer Before Accepting Injury Settlement

Many accident victims manage to negotiate and settle their claims outside the courtroom. However, that doesn't mean you should automatically accept an insurance company's final offer. You can file a lawsuit and pursue better compensation if the adjuster's final offer doesn't satisfy you. Talk to a lawyer and discuss the following issues before you decide what to do wi

3 Reasons To Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer If A Building Collapses And Injures You

When a building unexpectedly collapses, the results can be traumatic. It can cause fatal and serious injuries to those inside, not to mention damage to property and vehicles. If you're a victim of such a tragedy, you may suffer physical injuries and emotional trauma. Taking legal action against those responsible for your injury is the best thing to do if you want to g